Deep Folking - Vampires Redux

You may have heard our other Deep Folking episode where we let Victor and Brett talk about a couple parts of vampire pop culture.  We know you wanted to sink your teeth into something more, so here you go! 

Dan and Nick are bringing you another look at more popular vampire series with a couple special guests, their wives! Allison and Brynn help break down the finer points of fabulous vampires and the sparkly bits that come along with them.

So hit up your local blood bank for a pint, and listen to our delightfully sanguine discussion.

Episode 23 - Hawaii

For our first live episode, the Go Folk Yourself boys have hopped in their boat and set sail for the most tropical island in God’s country, Hawaii!

So go ahead and get lei’d while we talk about Bob Dole’s favorite pineapple-growing state. We’ll banana-loving menehune, some spooky cat monsters, and a good old-fashioned showdown between Dan and Ethan! The challenge continues, and we think you'll be surprised by the outcome!

We also are proud to announce our first in-person podcast on May 19th! Come see Go Folk Yourself live at Austin's Coffee in Winter Park, FL at 7pm.

Jessica's Dream Narration

Becoming one of our patrons on Patreon has so many perks. You get access to exclusive content, you get to be a part of an exclusive community, and probably best of all, for just "the price of a fancy McDonald's drink" you get to make content requests. Usually, people request a state, but Jessica had a different idea...

Ladies and gentlemen, we present Jessica's Dream Narration! Get swept up in the moment as you listen to Brett and Dan lead you through a fever dream of fantastical proportions. 

For a chance to be a part of more content like this, visit us at!

Folking Around with Monsters - The Babadook

We’re giving you all a sneak peek at our newest segment on Patreon that we’re calling Monster of the Week! Folking Around with Monsters will focus on a different monster from pop culture, folklore, or our elementary school teachers, and the guys will apply their usual level of eloquence and discussion.

On our main channel, we'll alternate weeks of main episodes and Deep Folking, while we explore even more content like Folking Around with Monsters on Patreon.

Tonight’s Monster? The Babadook! We talk about the origins of this spooky guy and tear apart symbolism and explore the newest and fiercest LGBT icon.

Episode 22 - Connecticut

It's Thursday, and that can only mean one thing, the boys are taking a trip to another stop in God's country.  Connecticut, The Constitution State, The Land of Steady Habits, the state that's kinda New York and sorta New England, is the place where we tell our tales today. We'll take journey to a town of fairy people and spin yarns of otherworldly proportions. 

This episode is brought to you by Bleach's Peaches! Come on down to best place to get some decent peaches for this time of year. Bleach's Peaches! If you get to the Chuck E Cheese, you've gone too far!

Deep Folking - Easter Special

Peter Cottontail has been hopping down the bunny trail for decades now, and that's exactly what the GFY crew does for this, the most necromantic holiday of the year! We explore some stories about Easter traditions and Brett's hometown's folksy happenings.

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Mysteries of the Internet

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Episode 21 - Wisconsin

Grab a beer and join one of the various ethnic festivals, because this week the Go Folk Yourself crew heads up to Wisconsin. We check in on the hodag, some water monsters, and the Malibu of the Midwest.  So watch out for the corn fields, because they're full of cryptids in this part of God's country.

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Episode 20 - Maine

It's time the boys went as far east as you can get in God's Country. That's right, it's time for Mainecast! So put on your favorite sailing gear, and come find out what Colonel Buck was here to do, learn a little bit about some hungry lumberjacks, and visit the home of America's most popular ox owner. Stephen King himself will be proud of how much we love this lobster fishing state.

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Episode 19 - Ohio

Come discover why everyone wants to get out of Ohio: home of the flaming river, a lackluster hall of fame, a real life Castle Wolfenstein, and one of strangest main stories yet. Special shoutout to Jessica Greving who made this episode possible. And, as they say in Ohio, “Remember the alimony!

Our sponsor for this episode is! Ecosia is the only search engine that not only works to keep your privacy safe, but also takes their own profits to plant trees around the world to combat climate change.  Visit to learn more!

Episode 18 - Nevada

Who doesn’t love legless pioneer cannibal ghosts and alien research facilities? We sure do. Come join the Go Folk Yourself Team as we venture across the Mad Max desert of the great state of Nevada: God’s country. The team learns some great fun facts about desert wives, and shadow councils that really rule the world. This ones a chock full o’ aliens, ghost towns, and haunted hotels. You don’t want to miss it, folkheads.

Special Episode - Back in Time

Didn’t get what you wanted over the holidays? La Befana came over from Italy to bring you all a Patreon exclusive episode! Visit to support your favorite cryptozoolographic podcast in 2018!

Back in Time is about our favorite time-travel stories and what we would do with that power. 

This week we are joined by our special guest Dan K, to talk about everyones favorite time-travel movie Terminator 2! Dan K tries to explains the rules of the Terminator universe to the Go Folk Yourself cast but we just take a big ol number 2 on it. 

If you like what you hear and want more Back in Time episodes tell your friends about our Patreon. Every dollar goes into projects like this. 

Special Episode - The 12 Folks of Christmas

“Ho Ho Ho! Mother F***ers!  It is I, Jewish Dan-ta Claus!  While I’m busy figuring out how to deal with a stupid elf worker strike, you should take some time and listen to the latest and greatest episode of the hit Go Folk Yourself Podcast!  The 12 Folks of Christmas!  Learn about the many interesting characters that come out when the air chills and your hearth crackles.  We sure hope your sausage hasn’t been snatched, and that you have received some wool socks before listening to this episode....Oh!  And of course this episode is brought to you (unofficially) by Coors Banquet Beer, Taste the Rockies.
And if you’ve not yet subscribed, rated, and patronized us on Patreon...well, expect a big lump of coal and a bigger reindeer turd on Christmas morning.  And don’t think I won’t know, I’ll know.  I’m f***ing Santa now, and pagans shall reign supreme.  Io Saturnalia, losers!”

Episode 17 - Rhode Island

“Rhode Island!  We have big opinions about the smallest state.  Did you know it’s not an island at all?  Yeah.  You’ve been lied to by everyone.  It’s a small state full of vampires, Sasquatch, and misunderstandings about what it means to be AN ISLAND...Ethan isn’t in this episode, which is probably fine.  I wouldn’t worry about him.  He’s not fired.  And Falcon/Rick also was absent, but you won’t even notice that.  Come listen as Victor gets his groove back and Dan steals the show.

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“Eat your heart out, Jack Links!  We have real sponsors now!”

- Falcon Rick from Marketing


Special Episode - Bill's Pleasuregiving 2017

We’re taking a detour from our regularly scheduled programming to bring you a special Thanksgiving episode.  We’re “proud” to announce the first annual (and hopefully last) Bill's Pleasuregiving; a variety show that’s sure to have you in stitches, much like ourselves.  

Huge thanks to our sponsor, soundBYTE, for making this episode possible!  The first app for comedians to share jokes, stories, and thoughts.  Find it on the App Store or at

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Episode 16 - New York

We’re talkin’ here!  That’s right, ya mooks, the boys are taking a bite of the big apple (and the other less known locales in the state of New York.). Listen as we share first hand stories about Grant’s Tomb, and talk about the one haunting on which modern American folk lore can’t help but constantly reference.  So pour yourself an unsweet tea, get on the D Train, and join us!  Cubs Suck! - Pre Order Now

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