Episode 18 - Nevada

Who doesn’t love legless pioneer cannibal ghosts and alien research facilities? We sure do. Come join the Go Folk Yourself Team as we venture across the Mad Max desert of the great state of Nevada: God’s country. The team learns some great fun facts about desert wives, and shadow councils that really rule the world. This ones a chock full o’ aliens, ghost towns, and haunted hotels. You don’t want to miss it, folkheads.

Special Episode - The 12 Folks of Christmas

“Ho Ho Ho! Mother F***ers!  It is I, Jewish Dan-ta Claus!  While I’m busy figuring out how to deal with a stupid elf worker strike, you should take some time and listen to the latest and greatest episode of the hit Go Folk Yourself Podcast!  The 12 Folks of Christmas!  Learn about the many interesting characters that come out when the air chills and your hearth crackles.  We sure hope your sausage hasn’t been snatched, and that you have received some wool socks before listening to this episode....Oh!  And of course this episode is brought to you (unofficially) by Coors Banquet Beer, Taste the Rockies.
And if you’ve not yet subscribed, rated, and patronized us on Patreon...well, expect a big lump of coal and a bigger reindeer turd on Christmas morning.  And don’t think I won’t know, I’ll know.  I’m f***ing Santa now, and pagans shall reign supreme.  Io Saturnalia, losers!”