Episode 17 - Rhode Island

“Rhode Island!  We have big opinions about the smallest state.  Did you know it’s not an island at all?  Yeah.  You’ve been lied to by everyone.  It’s a small state full of vampires, Sasquatch, and misunderstandings about what it means to be AN ISLAND...Ethan isn’t in this episode, which is probably fine.  I wouldn’t worry about him.  He’s not fired.  And Falcon/Rick also was absent, but you won’t even notice that.  Come listen as Victor gets his groove back and Dan steals the show.

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“Eat your heart out, Jack Links!  We have real sponsors now!”

- Falcon Rick from Marketing


Episode 16 - New York

We’re talkin’ here!  That’s right, ya mooks, the boys are taking a bite of the big apple (and the other less known locales in the state of New York.). Listen as we share first hand stories about Grant’s Tomb, and talk about the one haunting on which modern American folk lore can’t help but constantly reference.  So pour yourself an unsweet tea, get on the D Train, and join us!  Cubs Suck!

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Episode 07 - Illinois

Come stalk the industrial grounds of the 1893 World's Fair with the Go Folk Yourself Team. The team discusses the majesty of electric light and the murder hotel of one of America's first documented serial killers. The horror beckons, folks. (Spoiler: That's not even the main event. Get ready for a posse of drunken amateur monster hunters led by a local celebrity.) (Secondary Spoiler: That horror line will slay after you listen to this one.)

Episode 05 - Massachusetts

Come wander the broken coastline of Massachusetts as the Go Folk Yourself Team discusses witchcraft, ghosts, demonic presences, and discovers the statewide love of a certain pastry chain. This is a wicked good episode not to be missed. (Spoiler: This episode heads to Salem for justice served Colonial style and delicious urine cakes.)

Episode 03 - Tennessee

Come take a stroll through the woods of Tennessee where raccoon skin hats are still the height of fashion, Nashville isn't just some terrible show, and Brett learns that some historical figures aren't actually folk legends. Listen in for possibly the weirdest historical celebrity cameo in all of American ghost stories, and for Brett to nerd out over witchcraft things and alleged ghostmurder