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The Extrava-spooktacul-stravaganza!

We hope you're ready for our haunted hayride as we kick off Go Folk Yourself Season 2!

In true holiday fashion, Bill sent us some reels of audio in a hollowed out book, so naturally, we had to share them with you.

Happy Samhain!

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Deep Folking with Dan K

Today is a special day for us! We’re announcing the first ever Go Folk Yourself Summer Vacation! 

Bill is a reformed citizen and has invited us to his island home for a vacation!

While we’re gone, we’re going to work on some amazing new episodes and content for Season 2 of Go Folk Yourself.

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Deep Folking - Vampires Threedux

First, Brett and Victor took us on a journey across a few different popular vampires in history.

Then, Nick and Dan joined their wives in a Gal Folk Yourself spectacular with some gorgeous vampires.  

But something is still missing... Now, Dan K is leading us through some of the first vampire stories and movies.

So grab your garlic and a wooden stake, it's vampire time!

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Deep Folking - Ready Player One

In a special Deep Folking, the Go Folk Yourself crew sits down for an incredibly polite and civil debate about Ready Player One, the hit novel by Ernest Cline.

Dan, Ethan, Victor, and Dan K step up to the figurative podia to weigh-in on what might be the most pop-culture stuffed movie of our generation.

⚠️ Warning: If you liked the movie or the book, we apologize for what Dan K brings to the discussion.

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Episode 26 - Utah

What state is home to the world’s only nursing home/haunted house combo? The very same one that we visit tonight!

We’re heading on over to Utah to see the Legend of Lilian Gray, visit the Hobbitville built for a man with a bird fetish, and learn about one of the most legitimately disturbing men we’ve covered.

So put on your special Mormon undergarments and head over to the state of many parks and Arby’s!

Folking with Monsters - Dragons - Special Preview

In a special preview of our Patreon series, Folking with Monsters, we find out that Nick actually has some useful knowledge about something. This week, it's dragons!

Listen as the guys explore the differences between dragons, their history, and Bad Dragons! It's high flying fun for the whole family...If your family listens to our show regularly.

“Get ready for some hot boiling drum, my otherkin!” -Brett

Episode 24 - Guam

The Go Folk Yourself boys loved the island life so much, that they decided to hang out for a little bit longer in a nearby Polynesian paradise.

Victor and Dan were busy arguing over the Go Folk Yourself vs GFY debate, so Brett, Ethan, and Nick take you on a journey through Guam, a not-quite-a-state in God’s country.

We talk about a cursed mermaid, some Chamorro creation stories, and the most unlikable houseguest since your Uncle Gary decided he just needed a place to crash in your basement.

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Deep Folking - Vampires Redux

You may have heard our other Deep Folking episode where we let Victor and Brett talk about a couple parts of vampire pop culture.  We know you wanted to sink your teeth into something more, so here you go! 

Dan and Nick are bringing you another look at more popular vampire series with a couple special guests, their wives! Allison and Brynn help break down the finer points of fabulous vampires and the sparkly bits that come along with them.

So hit up your local blood bank for a pint, and listen to our delightfully sanguine discussion.

Episode 23 - Hawaii

For our first live episode, the Go Folk Yourself boys have hopped in their boat and set sail for the most tropical island in God’s country, Hawaii!

So go ahead and get lei’d while we talk about Bob Dole’s favorite pineapple-growing state. We’ll banana-loving menehune, some spooky cat monsters, and a good old-fashioned showdown between Dan and Ethan! The challenge continues, and we think you'll be surprised by the outcome!

We also are proud to announce our first in-person podcast on May 19th! Come see Go Folk Yourself live at Austin's Coffee in Winter Park, FL at 7pm.

Jessica's Dream Narration

Becoming one of our patrons on Patreon has so many perks. You get access to exclusive content, you get to be a part of an exclusive community, and probably best of all, for just "the price of a fancy McDonald's drink" you get to make content requests. Usually, people request a state, but Jessica had a different idea...

Ladies and gentlemen, we present Jessica's Dream Narration! Get swept up in the moment as you listen to Brett and Dan lead you through a fever dream of fantastical proportions. 

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Folking Around with Monsters - The Babadook

We’re giving you all a sneak peek at our newest segment on Patreon that we’re calling Monster of the Week! Folking Around with Monsters will focus on a different monster from pop culture, folklore, or our elementary school teachers, and the guys will apply their usual level of eloquence and discussion.

On our main channel, we'll alternate weeks of main episodes and Deep Folking, while we explore even more content like Folking Around with Monsters on Patreon. patreon.com/gofolkyourselfpodcast

Tonight’s Monster? The Babadook! We talk about the origins of this spooky guy and tear apart symbolism and explore the newest and fiercest LGBT icon.