Being an Introductory Post

Go Folk Yourself has been a project nearly two years in the making that will be coming to the public very soon. 

The show started as an idea between Dan and I trying to decide if we could manhandle Bigfoot (given the correct amount of preparation.) It has since transformed from a two man discussion to something far more entertaining and approaching professional than anything we originally conceived. 

Two years later has brought two extra voices: Ethan (talented incidental musician / former Alabaman) and Victor (unpaid intern / sound technician.) That's right folks, we have an official sound guy, a logo, musical content, and a recording studio now. 

Things have gotten a lot more professional around here for an explicit podcast that mostly talks about ghosts and apemen. 

You can expect the first three episodes to drop shortly, with a new one coming every two weeks. 

Stay tuned. Florida is coming.