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About Us

My name is Brett, and I am one of the voices behind the Go Folk Yourself Podcast.

I am an amateur writer and podcaster looking to explore interesting and rarely discussed stories in American folklore. I have been a history and folklore nerd for years, and this show serves as an outlet to have some strange (and entertaining) discussions on American legends, urban myths, and local stories. 

The website exists as a space to organize the chaos that goes into managing the show. It also helps with keeping track of everything covered and discussed by myself, Dan (co-host), Ethan (local rural topic expert), and Victor (the sound guy.) Together we hope to tackle each of the fifty states and cover some unique stories and odd fun facts (mostly true.)  

We will be posting in an episodic format following a state per episode. Each episode begins with an introduction to the state, sharing some amazing (mostly true) bits of trivia, a curated selection of odd stories, and the main story. 

Each main story will then be evaluated by our team in a incredibly scientific method: the Mulder / Scully Scale of Believability. Mulder represents the desire to believe. Scully represents true skepticism.

Any questions so far? Give us a listen. 

Any photos on this website were either taken by myself, friends, or are provided by Wikimedia Commons.