Episode 14 - Wyoming

Come take a walk across the Great Plains with the Go Folk Yourself Team in the great state of Wyoming, home to roaming buffalo and good ol' fashioned frontier ghosts. In this episode we have a special guest appearance from a local armchair historian, and dive deep into a frosty ghost ship in one of America's flyover states. You won't want to miss this one, folks. (Spoiler: We hit on some of our favorite topics and our main event may contain some names for your yet to open BDSM club.)

Episode 13 - Arizona

Come saunter down to the Grand Canyon in the great state of Arizona with the Go Folk Yourself Team (but don’t forget your permit if you plan on staying the night.) This episode is brought to you straight from the Annex. Brett and Victor tackle the desert heat, the mysteries of the goat sucker, and an American classic taxidermy project. (Spoiler: Did I forget to mention that there’s a very aggressive and muscular cryptid? You don’t want to miss this one.)

Episode 12 - Kansas

Come skip down the yellow brick road that winds through the plains and lowlands of Kansas with the Go Folk Yourself Team. The team encounters a macabre real event that is worth hanging around for, and then discusses one of the most famous graveyards in America. (Spoiler: This episode could be your ticket to hell, just like on UPN’s Supernatural.) (Secondary Spoiler: That hanging around joke is going to slay once you tune in.)

Episode 11 - West Virginia

Come venture across the Appalachian Highlands with the Go Folk Yourself Team as they visit West Virginia. The team receives some much needed criticism, discusses beloved train associated folk figures, and the American Civil War. (Spoiler: Richard Gere fans will be delighted as we tackle his cinematic tour de force in this week's episode that combines everyone's favorite topics: possible aliens, frightening omens, and a bridge disaster. You don't want to miss this one, you bunch of hill people.)

Episode 10 - Essex County

Break out your twill jackets and come take a lively stroll through the exhilarating turf mazes of Essex County. The team goes across the pond on their first international folklore tour, and discovers the true origins of the Spider Man. Pinkies out for tea, ladies and gents. Let's get down to some British weirdness. (Spoiler: Things get pretty wild in this one. You'll be hunting for the spoiler.) (Secondary Spoiler: That joke will kill after some reflection.)

Special Episode - SAS WATCH 2017 Round 1

Come join the team at Go Folk Yourself on a special episode commemorating our first ten episodes. Do you like sports? We feel okay towards them. We also have a loose understanding of how a fantasy draft works. In this special broadcast we take a spin at our very own to build our fantasy dream team of bigfeet, sasquatches, and apemen. Tune in for the first installment of SAS WATCH 2017: The Sasquatch Fantasy Draft. (Spoiler: Things are going to get hairy.)

Episode 07 - Illinois

Come stalk the industrial grounds of the 1893 World's Fair with the Go Folk Yourself Team. The team discusses the majesty of electric light and the murder hotel of one of America's first documented serial killers. The horror beckons, folks. (Spoiler: That's not even the main event. Get ready for a posse of drunken amateur monster hunters led by a local celebrity.) (Secondary Spoiler: That horror line will slay after you listen to this one.)

Episode 05 - Massachusetts

Come wander the broken coastline of Massachusetts as the Go Folk Yourself Team discusses witchcraft, ghosts, demonic presences, and discovers the statewide love of a certain pastry chain. This is a wicked good episode not to be missed. (Spoiler: This episode heads to Salem for justice served Colonial style and delicious urine cakes.)

Episode 03 - Tennessee

Come take a stroll through the woods of Tennessee where raccoon skin hats are still the height of fashion, Nashville isn't just some terrible show, and Brett learns that some historical figures aren't actually folk legends. Listen in for possibly the weirdest historical celebrity cameo in all of American ghost stories, and for Brett to nerd out over witchcraft things and alleged ghostmurder